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''It is the industries which bring prosperity. Industries need entrepreneurs and skilled manpower. Therefore, let us contribute our bit to develop the skilled entrepreneurs.''
Late (Dr.) S.K.Malhotra
Founder Chairman

This 'SANKALP' has inspired us throughout our 25+ years of professional excellence. Our operations, aim at Education & Training at School, College and Professional levels.


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We offer "Knowledge-Pass Beyond Classroom" programme , encompassing three stages - Discover Passion | Align Aptitude | Develop Abilities. We also undertake comprehensive assessment including Personality Analysis, Aptitude Mapping and Ability evaluation to help students to realise their full potential.

To enhance the employability, we offer skill development programmes leading to entrepreneurship.

To facilitate the smooth transition from one career/level to the next, we offer professional programme combined with Assessment of existing skills.

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Presently we are working in a globalised environment amidst unprecedented impact of emerging disruptive technologies. It is our responsibility to prepare the students for the unique demands of the 21st century. Today, the students have more access to information and resources beyond the classroom than any prior generation. In the current competitive environment, as educators we must assist our young students to attain their full creative talent and emerge as Achievers in their life..... Read more