K nowledge Pass

beyond classroom

Expert School is promoted by AlliancEdu, which is dedicated to education & training leading to holistic development of students at various levels. During its journey of 25+ years of professional excellence, the primary focus has been to impart multifaceted skills, leading to entrepreneurship.

Knowledge Pass Beyond Classroom is the flagship project of Expert School for school level learning beyond traditional classroom. It aims to prepare students for 21st century challenges by developing a global perspective, find a purpose in life through self awareness of own innate talent/interest and relating it to evolving dynamics of the world. It follows a self directed and interest based learning platform to develop students as the one who is a critical thinker, creative and innovative in approach, effective communicator and a good citizen with ethical values to function effectively in the current diverse society.

It will empower students to develop a holistic perspective to identify their intrinsic abilities through interactive and application based learning along with progressive self assessment to help students attain their full potential.

It follows a Programme Cycle for 360 degree development of students during their formative years, encompassing physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of their personality. It moves through the following stages of evolution:

All the elements of the programme cycle are interlinked and complementary to each other. To derive optimum value from the evolutionary cycle, students embark on a Programme Pathway, based on 6 Es for progressive learning with each step contributing towards holistic development:

At Expert School, we continuously innovate to make the learning experience better. To make the learning effective, the programme is delivered on a technology enabled teaching learning platform. For this, we have established an'Expert Studio'. , which connects with industry studio on one side and school studio the other side. This facility connects the learners at any institution with the industry/experts available outside the institution's boundary. Rich contents combined with modern delivery system will enrich the learning experience of the students, which will remain with the students for life.