Knowledge Pass Beyond Classroom project aims to enhance students’ awareness beyond traditional class room to imbibe the best from the outside world. Our endeavour will be to supplement the traditional education to bring the broad spectrum of the world into the classroom. This programme will empower our young generation with global awareness along with 21st century skills to make them positively competitive in this fast changing environment.

The whole concept and design are the result of extensive research over 27 years, which can assist in shaping lives in a progressive manner through developing multi dimension awareness of students, provide an industry exposure and give an insight into all available life cycles. This will help students in not only holistic development of their personality and awareness but also assist in their aptitude identification and abilities development in a systematic manner.

It primarily consists of three programmes- Discover Passion; Align Aptitude and Develop Abilities. The contents being progressive in nature are organized at three levels i.e. Level-1 (3rd to 5th standard); Level-2 (6th to 8th standard) and Level-3 (9th to 12th standard).

To determine the development status of students, the programme begins with an initial self assessment to identify the datum of individual personality and also culminates with repeat self assessment to find out the progression towards their holistic development, encompassing physical, intellectual, emotional and social aspects of the individual growth.

A diagrammatic view of the programme is as under:

The Assessment system follows an innovative approach based on Do It Yourself exercise. To make it accurate and comprehensive, students' inputs are endorsed by the parents and class teacher, thereafter analysed by the Career Counselor and Expert of the respective streams.

Based on the above assessment process, a detailed report for each individual student will be shared with the school, which will help students in their future growth.