Professional Development Programme

In the current competitive environment in the corporate world, the students need to develop and project their personality with all their positive attributes in a holistic and impactful manner. To build a firm foundation for a promising career growth, it is essential to go beyond the theoretical knowledge and develop the personality comprehensively to meet the current corporate needs, which will help them create a positive impression.

In pursuant to this objective, our operations transcend beyond imparting only education and skill development training. In order to prepare the students for the corporate world adequately, we have introduced Professional Development Programme, which will not only enhance the employability of the students but also empower them to face the professional challenges effectively.


The Directorate General Resettlement is responsible for resettlement and rehabilitation of retiring defence personnel. On retirement, the Armed Forces personnel, having acquired certain competencies during their service career, need to re-orient their skills and attitude for second career. It is the endeavour of DGR to provide opportunities to service personnel and ESM for this reorientation. However, it is for individuals to identify their aptitude before choosing second career. DGR is committed towards reorientation of these retiring personnel as well as generating opportunities and nurturing dreams for re-employment/entrepreneurship.

We have been associated with DGR wherein we have conducted resettlement oriented courses of various job roles for retiring Defence personnel under Directorate General Resettlement. These courses aim to upgrade their professional skills to facilitate their smooth transition to the second career post retirement.