We have empanelled a pool of professionals with extensive industry based knowledge and skills. These experts provide industry exposure to students through on-line interactions and virtual visits. Also, their subject expertise is utilized for aptitude mapping and counseling of students.


Industry experts are invited at our Expert Studio to share their knowledge and experience with the students through live/recorded sessions, which is in the form of Talks, interview or workshop. In addition, their expertise is utilized for counseling of students to guide them in their career alignment based on their aptitude. The counseling will be based on the detailed analysis of students' personality inputs obtained through progressive and incisive assessment of the students along with endorsement of their parents and respective class teacher.


Assessment Support System forms an integral part of the programme which aims to help students discover their aptitude and innate talent through Do it Yourself exercise, which is based on the following:

  • Self Assessment (All levels): To help students understand their aptitude through progressive self appraisal at each level
  • Aptitude Mapping (Middle & Senior): To help students identify their aptitude based on the broad spectrum of Traditional, Creative and Modern careers
  • Psychometric Analysis (Senior) : To enable students to select career best suited to their aptitude and personality

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