In the age of digital technology, innovation must ride over the traditional modus operandi.

The existing institutions are faced with new challenges as Education & Training can no longer only be conveyed inside the classrooms. Students and trainers require more and more modern means of communication. The institutions may have limited knowledge resources, whereas, large pool of experts is available outside their boundary wall. This expert pool may be utilized by digitally connecting the institutions with the outside world.

Expert Studio is one such innovation by us which can overcome the above challenges. It is a technology enabled teaching-learning platform which is digitally connected with the industry on one side and the institution on the other. Its delivery mechanism revolves around a studio system which is an effective way to transport industry operations to learners and trainers inside the class room.

Expert Studio

It functions as an interface between Industry and School on a digital platform. It is our endeavour to bring education closer to industry by regular interaction between students and the industry experts.

Industry Studio

The portable field studio placed in the selected industry facilitates a virtual tour of selected industry in order to give a real time industry exposure. It also helps in imparting industry oriented skill development training to the school students.

School Studio

A Digital Studio is activated at existing school(s) where the learners are offered education & training under virtual industry environ

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